Friday, July 6, 2012

Trapped in the Cellar

This is the dog's side of the story of In the Cellar witch I posted earlier.
Trapped in the Cellar
One warm summer night my folks had a going away party prior to the big move. I'm not too keen on strangers so I headed to the cellar for some peace and quiet. I was investigating the cellar when my left front foot got stuck in a rat trap. I tried vigorously to get it out but that just made it hurt more so I started to bark. But that didn’t work because the party was to noisy for them to hear me. Tenderly I laid down and went to sleep feeling lonely.
The next day in the morning I was awakened by the noise of the moving van pulling away. Scared I started to bark but it was too late. They were gone! My mind was racing. What if no one ever found me? What if I was stuck forever in this dark cellar?!
That afternoon a different moving van pulled up and stopped. The door squeaked open and the new family came in hauling their stuff. I heard them go back out and get more stuff. The noise of boxes being dragged across the floor continued all day. Even if I hadn’t been to scared to bark they wouldn’t have been able to hear me.
That night there was a storm, but the only thing I could hear was the cracking thunder. I was terrified and whimpering and whining. Then I heard creaking floorboards, someone was coming! The creaks got closer and closer, then slowly the door creaked open and a little girl entered. I growled nervously at her but she kept coming toward me. She started talking gently to me and I calmed down.
As she carefully removed my foot from the rat trap, I examined her. She had brown hair and bright blue eyes. When she had succeeded in removing my foot from the rat trap, she soaked it in hot water and brought me up to her room. We slept comfortably in each others company for the rest of the night.
The next morning she excitedly asked her parents if she could keep me. They said she could! So I have lived happily with them ever since.

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