Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saving Rabia

This is another story I wrote.
Saving Rabia
One warm summer morning, I received a package from my pen-pal Rabia from India. I excitedly opened it. When I looked inside I was disappointed to discover a dusty old rug inside. However when I shook out the dust to have a better look at the rug, I discovered that it was really a purple magic carpet with yellow stripes. There was a message pinned to one edge of the carpet. It proclaimed:
Help! I'm stuck in a shed on Rickets Farm. Tell the carpet to take you there. Then come find me. Hurry!” Rabia.
As soon as I finished reading it I quickly wrote a note to my parents letting them know I had had to leave suddenly. Then I jumped onto the carpet shouting “Go to Rickets Farm as fast as you can!”
At first the ride was scary and I kept thinking I was going to fall off, but soon I became
accustomed to it. When an airplane came zooming by I almost did fall off! I was very excited.
About an hour later I finally arrived at Rickets farm. I looked around me and saw some grazing cows, a few apple trees, and a little stream, but there was no shed in sight. So I decided to look around some more.
Before long I found an old brown shed that was surrounded by some big trees, and looked like no one had been to it in a long time. I timidly peeked through a window in its side. Inside I saw a 7 foot tall monster that was purple and green! He was torturing Rabia! I had to save her, but how? I thought about it for a few minutes and then I had an idea. I quickly opened the brown leather backpack that I had brought along and searched for my candy stash finally I came upon it. Then I circled the shed until I found the entrance to it and burst inside. As soon as I entered the monster whirled around.
What do you want?” He bellowed.
I have come for my friend.” I told him.
You can't have her. She's mine!” He shouted.
Oh, then I guess you can't have what I brought to pay you with.” I replied casually.
What did you bring?” The monster inquired.
Oh just this.” I said, holding out my hands which were full of candy.
What are they?” The monster asked.
Candy.” I replied.
What do you do with it?” He questioned.
Eat it.” I replied.
What does it taste like?” He inquired.
I thought for a moment and then said, “I'll give you one piece to try it and if you like it
you can trade my friend for 50 more pieces.”
Okay.” He said. “Give me my first piece.”
I gave it to him. Then I inquired, “What do you think? Do you like it?”
Yes.” He replied, “I do.”
So will you take my offer?” I inquired.
I will.” He said, “but I want 60 pieces.”
Okay.” I replied.
So it was agreed. I gave him 60 pieces of candy and he gave me Rabia.
Rabia and I leaped onto the magic carpet and flew Rabia to her home (where the monster could not get her) and then I zoomed home. As soon as I got there I carefully put the rug in the closet, collapsed on my bed, and fell asleep.

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