Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reeder Rules

Since I try not to ask anything of my children that I am not willing to do myself,  I guess it's my turn to post an introduction.  
Hello.  I'm Kim.  

I'm the lucky wife of Randy and the mother of these amazing children.  One of whom is celebrating a birthday today!  Happy Birthday Caden!

My main interest currently is letting the children all live to adulthood so they can then have their come-uppances in the form of my adorable grandchildren. 

In another attempt in that never ending pursuit, I have focused my writing today on a new set of REEDER RULES.  One of these times I'll get it right.  Here's hoping this time is it!  (Or at least close enough for now.) 

REEDER RULES (version about 597)
  1. Pleasant attitudes that enhance the spirit of the Holy Ghost's presence are required. Anyone who brings bad spirits with them will be required to leave. If this leaving is during a family time, the person will be required to make that time up during personal time (whether it be work or scripture study or mealtime or something else).
  2. Full Participation is expected. Anyone distracting anyone else, or otherwise damning the progess of anyone else, will be given extra family work to make up for that wasting of the other person's time. This work will be completed during personal time and will not interfer with other people's personal time.
  3. Saying “OK”, doing the task immediately, and reporting back are expected. Those persons over the age of six needing babysitting will earn extra family work time to pay for the babysitting. Disagreeing apropriately is encouraged. Fussing, whining, crying, or otherwise unbecoming behavior will earn extra work time.
  4. A daily paragraph (or more) is required as a report on daily study time. Of special interest are the ideas you've had, new concepts discovered, connections made, project planning and/or completion, and successes you've felt. Blog worthy entries are encouraged.
  5. Stewardships must be attended to. Please don't let living things die due to neglect!

    (PS I asked Colin submit some recommendations for the new rules (specifically to deal with bad attitudes at the table) and he came back with "Either good food or optional food.  And by "good",  I mean not too complicated, edible, and unanimous." It was in a helvetica type font and printed on a paper with this comic from February 15, 1998 printed below it.  Funny boy, EVERYTHING reminds him of a Dilbert comic.  I will try to implement his recommendations, but they are going to need to be revised to be more SMART as in Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Timebound.)   

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