Friday, June 15, 2012

Welcome to Reeder Commons!

For our first post here at Reeder Commons, we will introduce the youngest member of Reeder Academy:


Betsy says she likes: French fries, dinosaurs, playing in the sandpile, picking and eating cherries, riding bikes, and going swimming.  I will add that she enjoys music as well.  She especially enjoys jamming with her daddy.  Whenever he picks up his guitar to practice, she runs for her fiddle to play along. 

 This video is Betsy playing in her first fiddle contest this morning. She has been playing with Roberta Pearce's Junior Jammer Fiddlers in the Little Hoedowner group since last September. She mostly provides "cuteness" for the group, something she excels at (especially in little red cowboy boots).  The fiddle she is playing on in this video is not her own.  Her own fiddle was left at home due to a broken neck.  (I'm sure it is not hard for you to imagine that happening to a three year old's fiddle.  This is a prime example of how motherhood makes you smarter:  Luthier was not on my list of skills prior to motherhood, but since having children I get to try my hand at it occasionally.  Not this time - she didn't give us time to let the glue dry.)  Her big brother kindly let her borrow his.  Unfortunately her brother is a lefty so this fiddle is a little awkward to hang on to.  Luckily, when you are this little, all fiddles are a little awkward so she hardly noticed. 

Betsy said afterward playing in the contest this morning, "I think I like shows better. Ones with ALL the kids on stage."

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