Saturday, June 16, 2012

Introducing: Caden

Caden enjoys: picking cherries, playing toys, building things, and fishing.  His recent accomplishments including making it through the first set of Bob Books all by himself! He is anxiously looking forward to his 5th birthday.  

Caden has also been playing his fiddle with the Little Hoedowners since September.   This is video of him in his first fiddle contest this weekend.  Something you might notice about Caden is that he is the lefty of the family.  He plays a right handed fiddle with the chin rest replaced with a custom made one for lefties. This makes his fiddle be on his left shoulder and his E string is where the right handed kids have a G string.  It works out perfectly for him, until right handed little sisters need to borrow it.  :)

In this video, he is accompanied by his teacher, the amazing Bobbie Pearce, on the piano and his big brother, Colin, on the guitar.

 Caden said his favorite thing about the fiddle contest was playing the Thomas the Tank Engine Matching game in the practice room while waiting for his turn. 

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