Sunday, June 11, 2017

Whirlpool Duet Steam error F09 E01 - Easier method!

Yesterday our washing machine stopped mid-cycle and started beeping and showed the error codes F09 E01.  I wasn't excited about trying to diagnose what the problem was, but I turned to Google to see what I could find.  The first post didn't seem very promising, but the second post looked very familiar...It was a post from me just over two years ago  Whirlpool Duet Steam error F09 E01.  Suddenly I felt much more confident I could have this fixed in no time.  I thought I was blogging about it to help other people but this time I was able to help myself!  My previous post showed that it can be fixed by removing the back and disassembling the drain pump.  However, I also suggested that it might actually be really easy to just open up the front and unscrew the drain.  This time I decided to take my advice and try to fix it from the front.

To get in through the front, there are four 1/4" bolts at the bottom that need to be removed.  Once they're removed, you can pull the bottom of the front out and peer in to see the drain pump cap.
Once they're removed, you can pull the bottom of the front out and peer in to see the drain pump cap.
Looks like I may be able to reach in and unscrew the drain pump cap.
Opening the cap

The contents!
No money this time, but a couple earrings and lots of hair pins and lint

Watch out for that red rubber piece that could get in the way when you're removing or re-installing the cap
I noticed that a red wire came disconnected on the right side of the washer.  I just reached in and reconnected it before closing the front back up.


All back together and running again!  I even removed the tray underneath and cleaned it out while I was at it.
That was a lot easier than removing the back and taking the pump apart.  I'm so glad I took my own advice!

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  1. This was SO helpful!! I did just as you said and found a whole bunch of nasty black gunk that smelled like a dead rat, with golf tees, sunglasses arm, airsoft beebees, etc. My washer is draining great now!! Thank you!!


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